Christopher Kennedy

Christopher Kennedy was born in the United Kingdom and lives and works in New Hope, Pennsylvania. He is the latest in a long line of artistic talents to emerge from his family including famed interior designer Tessa Kennedy and Pre-Raphaelite artist T.C. Farrer. After many years of working in Hollywood as a successful music editor on feature films, Kennedy chose to pursue his photographic passion. His latest creations are painstakingly composed using, in his words, “fixed light sources as the paint, and the camera as both brush and canvas.”


Brilliantly coloured lights have fascinated Kennedy since boyhood. As he grew he became intrigued by how his camera had the ability to capture images of light that remain unseen by the naked eye. Inspired by the experimental light paintings of Man Ray and Picasso using a light ‘pen’, the adult Kennedy embarked on a journey exploring the possibilities of alternate ways of capturing this elusive quality of light.


Kennedy’s own technique, Photo Luminism, begins with the meticulous staging of stationary lightscapes and culminates with the preconceived manipulation of the camera during a single long exposure. In those brief moments, the digital device captures a canvas overflowing with rich and seemingly impossible imagery: a light unseen captured in the blink of an eye.


Kennedy says this of this work, “The challenge for me in creating this series was to result in something different, something fresh and alluring, to show how beautiful light can be, to capture your imagination, incite a little curiosity and stimulate conversation.”


Kennedy prints his images onto two opposing high quality surfaces for entirely different effects: brushed aluminium for its inherent ability to enhance depth and luminosity through the diffuse reflection of ambient light; and fine art paper for warm saturated colours and deep velvet blacks.